A thank you note about D.I.C.E.13

So that was D.I.C.E. 2013 eh?

And to be honest, I’m writing this in the middle of the night 4 days since and I’m still feeling like I’ve just been run over by a truck but I’ve never been happier.
D.I.C.E. this year was pretty damn crazy, it is the single hardest event to plan physically, mentally and emotionally while running Big Bang Comics because we work really hard just doing that. Running the store isn’t that easy, there’s long hours, long days and we’re continuously turning over thousands of items a week while trying to give you guys the best possible service possible but we freaking love it.

So that brings me to my first group to thank, Bruno and JP. D.I.C.E. simply could not have happened without Bruno, when I was too fried he carried the show throughout the year’s lead up to it and beyond, he worked hard and he’s like another me in this business only Portuguese and I (and you) owe him big time. JP, we really threw you in the deep end with this and I hope the next while is a tad calmer in store but fair play to you for stepping up.

Next the event crew who I’m not naming because A) there were loads of you and B) if I do I’ll leave someone out. Every single one of you were amazing because you volunteered just to be a part of D.I.C.E. because you wanted to. We as a business and me as a person feel truly humbled with that level of support that was offered and the level of enjoyment you all got from it. So seriously ladies and gents, take a bow, you earned our respect and admiration. I was blown away completely.

I have to take the time here to thank the team at Dundrum Town Centre for allowing us to hold D.I.C.E. within its boundaries. These folks never really knew what hit them when we came along and every one of them in each department have just rolled with me saying things like “hey, you know what would be awesome? Let’s get the Batmobile.” Or, “would you mind if I took over the Pembroke District and filled it with Comic fans from around the world for a whole weekend?” The support I got from every single department and department head there was fantastic and I can’t stress that enough.

A massive thanks goes out to our partners there too, in particular Movies @ Dundrum. They were gracious enough to allow us to take over their venue to host our panels and Graham, Garry and Clare in there have been amazing when again, I run crazy ideas by them such as D.I.C.E. and what we’re about to embark on this year with our monthly events in the lead up to D.I.C.E. 2014. We couldn’t do this show without cool folks like these helping us out and we really appreciate them for it. Huge thanks to all of our other Dundrum partners, the folks at the newly re-opened HMV, Milanos, Wagamamas, Cortina’s and Counter Burger. They all enjoyed the weekend immensely and have already said their looking forward to partner up with us next year.

I have the greatest respect for the Emerald Garrison and Heroes and Legends who came from all over Ireland as part of D.I.C.E. Jim, Martin, David, Michael, THX-1138, all of the members, thanks a million for bring the fun of Ireland’s premiere costuming club to the masses. You guys and girls work ridiculously hard and probably suffer so much during shows in your costumes. Most of all cheers for being mates and all the pre-show work you did. Thanks also go to Cosplay Ireland for coming along on the Sunday and organising a pretty kick ass Cosplay competition. The buzz from that alone was fantastic.

D.I.C.E. wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without Diamond Comics support or DC who graciously allowed us the World EXCLUSIVE launch of the Batman Court of the Owls Book and Mask Set, or IDW producing this year’s D.I.C.E. exclusive Half Past Danger #1 Variant Cover. All these companies coming together to support a Comic Con run by a store in Dublin was something truly amazing and reminds me why the Comic Industry is so great to be in.

And speaking of the Comic Industry, one thing that kept me going at D.I.C.E. was the fact that the Small Press area was hopping all weekend, Small press publishers have reported record sales to me at D.I.C.E. and the feeling of community and excitement within those walls was something that made me proud to be a part of. In that room were the future talents of the worldwide Comic Industry and it was so good that every time I walked in there in a daze I was met with a load of smiling faces and people truly happy to be there. I hope next year even more come after they were inspired by this year’s D.I.C.E.

Next up, I want to say thanks to the guests. Man, what can you say about that group of people. Seriously, how cool were they all. I can’t quantify what it meant to people this weekend that every, single guest gave people as much time as they did all weekend long but I’ll try. I wrote out a piece about them all at D.I.C.E. but it was too long so I’ll email them all individually, but for now.

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Sean Murphy, Becky Cloonan, Darrin O’Toole, Doug Braithwaite, Esad Ribic, CB Cebulski, Emma Vieceli, John McCrea, Jordie Bellaire, Matt Hollingsworth, Matteo Scallera, Michael Carroll, Molcher, Neil Edwards, Kieron Gillen, PJ Holden, Si Spurrier and Stephen Downey thank you.

Mega thanks to our own hometown heroes who’ve helped with D.I.C.E.’s organisation every step of the way and kept me sane, Stephen Mooney, Will Sliney, Nick Roche, Tommie Kelly and in particular Declan Shalvey.

Next year when I write this I hope there’ll be a few more Irish names on the list who were discovered at D.I.C.E.

Big thanks to my family for being so supportive of the show and me and last but not least,

Me, Big Bang Comics or D.I.C.E. would be NOTHING without you guys.

We do this 365 days a year because of you, for you and it’ll always be about you.

We really do appreciate the support you’ve given us and we promise you the Big Bang will remain the best store in Ireland and D.I.C.E. will always be a Comic Con about Comic Books because that’s what you guys want and deserve.

Cheers and see you in store,